Foam Party is a work about making customised chairs with a mass production technique.

Industrial techniques have the unique characteristics of being efficient and fast, as well as having an incredible amount of knowledge and diversity of materials available. Could these elements be forged into a new process to create diversity instead of repetition?

A low-tech machine was made to mix and pour the two component foam in the mould and initiate the chemical reaction. The flexible mould acts as a container for the foam to expand in, and requires a person to sit on top while the foam is rising, to create a made-to-measure seat.

In just fifteen minutes a chair is fully shaped and cured; ready to be unwrapped.

A Foam Party chair is in the permanent collection of the Centraal Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Courtesy of mint gallery, UK.

Courtesy of mint gallery, UK.

Courtesy of Royal Academy of Art, NL.

Courtesy of Royal Academy of Art, NL.