Namuun Zimmermann and Martijn Rigters’s A Place Called Villa Diodati reveals a temporary glimpse into the underlying reasons for Mary Shelley’s creation of the Frankenstein tale.

A well known fictional story, composed of the very private experiences Shelley had. From the struggle of a woman in a 19th century patriarchic society, the loss of loved ones and the exploring of unchartered grounds in advancing science, all of them played a great role in the creation of the monsters.

These, thermochromic coated, cold-blooded objects reveal the unfortunate story behind the creator of Frankenstein‘s story, with the touch of a warm hand.

A Place Called Villa Diodate was created for the Horrorshow; an exhibition of new works brought to life by sixteen designers in response to the bicentenary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

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nzmr 01 low res web web web.jpg